Best Places to Visit in Utah when you Live Near Salt Lake City

Best Places To Visit In Utah When You Live Near Salt Lake City

Utah is home to a huge number of places and attractions that people come from all over the world to visit. Many of these places can even be a reason to move to Utah, and Utah homebuilders are ready. But if you already live in Utah, with your perfect home decor and beautiful home, there’s no harm in reminding you about the fantastic places where you can spend your weekends or even a short vacation.

Great Salt Lake

This 75 mile long and 35 mile wide lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi, making it a fantastic spot to visit when you live in the Salt Lake City area. The lake is home to a number of beaches that can be perfect for sunbathing or relaxing in the summer months.

Antelope Island State Park can be a great place to access the lake and take in the scenery, especially if you live in Syracuse. If you live in Stansbury, you’re only around a 15 minute drive to Great Salt Lake State Park, where you’ll find beaches and picnic areas; a fantastic place to spend a few relaxing hours with your family. You can even take a boat out on the lake.

Salt Lake City

Working in Salt Lake City and visiting as a tourist can be very different. So if you do work there, it can be worth taking some time to really explore the city and see it in a different light. There are a large number of museums and places of interest in the city. The Natural History Museum of Utah is one place you must see. There is plenty on offer to keep the whole family entertained, with skeletons of dinosaurs and mammals from the Ice Age, as well as various other archaeological and paleontological discoveries made in Utah. This museum may even inspire some of your home decorations.

Zion National Park

While this park might be around a four and a half hour drive from the Salt Lake City area, it is almost certainly worth the trip. This famous park has arguably some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole of the US, including waterfalls and massive red rock cliffs. There are plenty of hiking trails and spots to stop and take photographs, and you can also drive your car along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.

There are several lodges and campgrounds in and around the park, which make it an ideal spot for a weekend trip or short vacation if you live south of Salt Lake City.

Dinosaur National Monument

Along the border with Colorado you’ll find Dinosaur National Monument, which can make for a great day out from Salt Lake City, if you get an early start, as it’s around a 3 hour drive. Or it can be a fascinating location for a weekend trip. There are more than 1,500 dinosaur fossils that can be seen in the rock walls at the Quarry Exhibit Hall. As well as this, there is stunning scenery with wild rivers, mountains, deserts and canyons. Perfect for family photo opportunities.

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