Best Home Decor Colors for your Baby’s Nursery

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Choosing the color palette for your baby’s nursery can sometimes be challenging. You might find it even more of a challenge if you don’t know whether you’re having a boy or a girl. But often, gender neutral colors can be the way to go, whether you know the baby’s gender or not. You may find that the best home decor for your baby’s nursery will be one that has the ability to soothe, relax and calm your baby, as well as you and your other half.

Black and White

In the first few months of your child’s life, their vision is developing. Until they’re around three to five months old, your baby will be unable to see colors. So it can be important for your child’s development to create a space in which they can be stimulated. It is believed that if a child’s vision is stimulated during these early months, it can increase brain growth and lead to faster visual development.

Black and white can also look very chic, no matter what room of the house it’s in. A black and white nursery can be stylish and modern, but can also be a great color scheme for adding in brighter colors as your baby develops.


Using patterned home decorations or patterned wallpaper can be a fantastic way of helping your baby’s mind and vision to be stimulated, so they can get to know the world around them. Generally, in the early months, your baby won’t be able to see depths. And a newborn can generally only see objects that are around 8 to 10 inches away from their face, such as your face while you’re holding them.

But by painting shapes on the nursery walls, or using large patterned home decorations in black and white, you can help your baby to understand and learn about their surroundings. Objects from nature can be a good choice, as it can familiarize your baby with objects and shapes they will see in the world, such as trees, clouds or mountains.

Gray tones can also be ideal for either patterns or wall color, as this can help to create contrasting shades. Gray can also be a calming color that will work well with other home decorations and can easily be added to with more age appropriate decorations as your child grows into a toddler.

Bright Colors

Once your baby reaches around three months old, this can be a great time to introduce bright colors to their room. Adding brightly colored home decorations or colorful toys can be an excellent way of stimulating your child’s mind and vision as they reach these new stages of development, including depth perception.

You will know that your baby is beginning to see colors when they reach for bright objects. The colors you choose for the room can be tailored to your personal preference. The brighter they are, the better but you can really choose any color that you like.

Yellow and red can be particularly good colors because of their brightness but you may discover your own child has a preference for one color over another, depending on what toys they play with, or the building blocks they won’t let go of. Add these colors into their room to encourage their visual interests.

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