Benefits of Living in a Rambler Home

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Rambler homes have been popular across the United States for decades and still remain a popular choice for many Americans. Also known as ranch homes, these rambler homes can offer the perfect combination of style, space and easy living that we are all looking for in a new home. Utah homebuilders are well aware of the demand for these types of homes, where your living area is all on one level, and there are now plenty of designs to suit a whole range of society, from compact homes for empty nesters to large, spacious homes with room for the whole family.

There are many reasons why a rambler home could be your ideal home and here are just a few.


Staying safe in our homes is a number one priority. Let’s face it, your home’s entire purpose is to keep you safe from the elements and keep you comfortable during both day and night. But as we all get older, our homes may not be as safe as we might require.

This is where a one story rambler home could work out better for you. There are no stairs to deal with, which can eliminate a major safety risk from your home. Stairs are not just a risk for us as we get older, but they can also be a concern if you have young children at home. Having a home all on one level can mean less danger during trips or falls.

Low Maintenance

Homes that are all on one level can be easier to maintain than two or three story homes. Without stairs, it means you can dust and vacuum more easily and safely than if you had a two story home. This means no more dragging a vacuum up and down stairs each time you clean.

Having your whole home on one level can also make it easier when you come to decorate or carry out any refurbishments down the line. You won’t have to haul any equipment upstairs or drag bags of old home decorations downstairs to the garbage. It could make changing your home decor a breeze.

Flexible Design

Just because a rambler home may mean you have your entire house on one floor, that doesn’t mean that you need to feel cramped or claustrophobic. Many rambler homes are designed in a way to maximize space and provide open concept living. With the various designs and layouts available, having a rambler home can give you the same sizes and variations of rooms that a two story house could give you, but with each room having easier and more convenient access. Add in your sleek home decorations and you’ve got yourself a stylish home.

You may think of rambler homes as smaller style homes, but your rambler home can be as large or as small as you’d like. There are a whole range of homes, from idyllic compact homes to suit a couple to spacious family homes with room for the in-laws.

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