Beach Inspired Looks for a Cool Home this Summer

Utah home builder beach theme

Ok, so here in Utah we might be several hours away from the nearest ocean but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the ocean to us. Summer style is all about that laid-back beach lifestyle. If you live on the beach, this style is more than a trend, it’s a way of life. So how can you bring that care-free beach scene to your own home decor?

No need to call in the homebuilders, here are some easy ways you can transform your home into a beach retreat, no matter how far away you are from the ocean.

Keep it casual

A beach house is all about keeping things relaxed and laid-back. It’s a retreat where you can spend hours chilling in stress-free surroundings.

To channel the spirit of a beach house, you will want to keep your home decor fresh and clean looking. White is an essential color to use. It brightens up any space and provides a neutral base for you add your own personal touches.

White walls can also help to keep your home feeling cool, which can be pretty useful in the hot summer season. It can also help to give the feeling of space, making a room look larger than it is. This can be good when you’re trying to create a relaxing atmosphere as it will help alleviate any feelings of claustrophobia if you have a particularly small room.


Not all beach inspired designs use nautical blue and white patterns but certainly blues will work well against a white background. And this can help to add depth to a white room but keep it feeling relaxed. Gray can also be used with several shades of blue in order to create a neutral, nautical palette.

Just about any color goes with white, and when used as an accent or highlighting color, it can still retain a fresh, beachy look. Pale pinks, corals, yellows, greens can all work well. Even a multicolored stripe can work wonders for a beach retreat and can help you show some of your fun side.

When choosing colors, think of natural colors that you might find near a beach or in plants. This can help you when thinking about mixing and matching various colors. Don’t be afraid of patterns, such as stripes and florals. These can still give you the desired coastal effect.

Home Decorations

When thinking about home decorations for a beach inspired theme, it can be a good idea to opt for natural fibers, such as rope, driftwood, shells or pebbles. Rope framed mirrors or wicker baskets can add a real beachy feel to your home decor.

Oceanscapes or abstract art featuring ocean colors can help set the tone of your room and bring out some of the other colors in your decor.

Rustic items can also make fantastic home decorations. Old surfboards, anchors, and other items can either be made into wall art or transformed into other furnishings.

You don’t really need a lot of home decorations in your home to create a beach house feel, as long as you have coastal colors and a relaxing atmosphere, you can have a beach house pretty much anywhere.

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