Advantages of Living in a Two Story Home

The Cottonwood floor plan custom designed by Perry Homes Utah.

Choosing what type of home you want to live in is an important decision but it can also often be a difficult decision. There are many things to consider when choosing a home and Utah homebuilders can help you decide what features might be important to you. As well as location, one of the biggest decisions will likely be whether you want a one or two story home. Both of these styles of homes can be beneficial but you may find you favor one type over the other. A two story home has several advantages.

Can be Built on a Smaller Plot

If you’re limited for ground space a two story home can be ideal, as it can still provide you with spacious living but instead of taking up space on the ground, your living space is extended upwards. This can be useful in situations where plot size is limited, for example in a city, but it can also be ideal if you’re looking to make the most of your space without taking up too much of your backyard. This way you could get a larger backyard compared to a single story home of the same square footage on the same plot.

With a two story home and a larger backyard, you may also have the potential to extend your home into your backyard in the future. With a one story home on the same size of plot, on the other hand, your space to extend could be limited.

Environmentally Friendly

Because a two story home takes up less space on the ground, it means less of the ground has been altered to make way for the foundations. It’s not just that more of the land is protected, a two story house can also mean it’s more energy efficient. This is because the house will have less exposure to the outside, for example from the smaller roof area and the smaller area that has contact with the ground. In a one story home of the same size, there is more chance of heat escaping from the larger roof or cold air entering from the ground below.

More Separation Between Living Spaces

A two story home can give you a more separated living space, with bedrooms on the top floor and living areas on the bottom floor. This can be beneficial, especially with larger families or families with older children where you might want a little separation. Having two stories can also be useful when it comes to the placement of the master suite or even a guest suite for grandparents, as this could be located on the main level for convenience but at the same time maintaining a separation between the rest of the family for added privacy.

Better Views

It’s not a secret that the higher up a building you go the better your views will be. This can be a real advantage if you live in an area with outstanding scenery, which can pretty much be anywhere in Utah. Not only will you get better views compared to a one story home but you’ll also find that second floor rooms can often be brighter, with more natural light able to flow in through the windows.

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