Add Color to your World with Utah’s Best Spring Flowers

Add Color To Your World With Utah S Best Spring Flowers

With a diverse landscape, Utah is home to many different varieties of plants and flowers and spring can be one of the best time for viewing some of these plant species in full bloom. Spring can also be a fantastic time for adding a little color to your home decor. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, spring blooms can make excellent home decorations. But where are the best places to see some of these colorful flowers?

Albion Basin, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Albion Basin is regarded as one of the premier places in Utah to see stunning displays of wildflowers. However, you might need to wait till late spring to see the best of these colors, as the spring tends to start a little later in the mountains. There’s a trail beginning at the Albion Grill that you can walk along to take in spectacular views of the flowers and surrounding scenery. It can get busy during peak wildflower season though.

City Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City

You don’t need to stray too far from the hustle and bustle of the city to see some fine spring blossoms. City Creek Canyon is home to plenty of spring wildflowers, as well as a beautiful stream, and can be a great hike for the whole family and you can even take your dog along (as long as it’s on a leash).

Temple Square, Salt Lake City

The gardens at Temple Square can be a fantastic spot to see beautiful flowers in vibrant colors and spring can be one of the best times to see them. From colorful tulips to cheerful daffodils, there are thousands of flowers to be found in the 35 acres of gardens providing a relaxing environment for a springtime stroll with the family.

Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City

Red Butte Garden is a botanical garden that forms part of the University of Utah and there are literally hundreds of thousands of springtime flowers to be seen, including more than 200,000 daffodils in both white and yellow varieties. So if you like these cheerful spring blooms, you will not want to miss out on a visit to this botanical garden in spring. There are also plenty of other plant and flower species to be found and it can make a great place to take the kids to encourage their interest in plants and gardening.

Thanksgiving Point, Lehi

Spring marks the beginning of the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point and this year celebrates the 15th year of this annual event, taking place between April 4th and May 4th 2019 at Ashton Gardens. There are almost 300,000 tulips in all different colors on display, as well as 15 themed gardens to view. There are also tulips for sale, so you can take a bunch home to add some spring color to your home decor. As well as the beautiful array of flowers on display, there will also be various events, including a Swing Dance and a Lyceum Philharmonic Concert.

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