9 Reasons to Put Built-In Seating In Your Kitchen

For so many families and so many homes, life revolves around the kitchen. Everyone goes in and out of the kitchen—wouldn’t it be nice if they could also stop and stay a while? We’ve put together nine of the best reasons to include built-in seating in your next kitchen.

1. Turns the Kitchen into a Gathering Space

If you’ve always dreamed of a kitchen where everyone congregates to enjoy good food and good company, then a built-in dining nook is exactly what your kitchen needs.

After all, if you want people to linger somewhere, give them something to eat (or drink) and a comfortable place to sit.

2. Perfect for Intimate Gatherings

Leave larger gatherings for the formal dining space or even outside. The breakfast nook in your kitchen is perfect for more intimate gatherings with the kinds of friends you want with you in the kitchen while the food is being prepared.

3. More Comfortable than Formal Dining

Even though softer chairs have been trending for formal dining rooms, there’s still something more formal about them than a kitchen nook. For a comfortable, cozy feel to your gatherings and family meals, seating in-kitchen is the answer.

Plus, you can opt for built-in bench seating, which gives a cozier feel than even bar stools around the kitchen island.

4. Makes Breakfast Easier

Having meals as a family or as a couple is a great way to strengthen relationships. And as frantic as mornings can be, it’s hard to make that first meal into a family meal.

But with seating right in the kitchen, it’s easier to sit down and enjoy a few minutes together.

5. Doubles as a Chef’s Table

Have you dreamed of dining at the chef’s table in a restaurant? With a built-in nook for family and close friends, you can offer a “chef’s table” experience in your own home, where you can spend time together while preparing the food and show off your culinary skills.

6. Great for Homework or Workspace

While food is simmering on the stove, comfortable kitchen seating allows you the perfect place to sit down and check some other things off your to-do list, all while still keeping on eye on the meal at hand.

And speaking of keeping an eye on things, kitchen seating is the perfect place for kids to park and do homework close enough for you to help them stay on task and maybe even help solve a math problem or two.

7. Increases Storage Space

Depending on the design you choose, bench seating can include drawer or cupboard storage underneath the bench. And if you choose to build in the table too, you can choose a style that essentially serves as a second kitchen island.

8. Adds Value to Your Home

Built-in details, especially when they’re both beautiful and useful, can increase your home’s value and significantly increase a home’s appeal to prospective buyers. After all, it adds character, charm, and helps them imagine themselves cozying up there.

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