8 Signs It’s Time to Remodel

Thinking of remodeling but not sure you’re ready to take the plunge? If any of these sound like you, then it’s probably time:

You really want a change… but really don’t want to move.

Remodeling might feel like a big deal, but it’s still much more manageable than selling, buying, and moving to a whole new home. You can turn the home you have into your dream home one project at a time.

You can’t stop talking about what you wish were different.

If changing things in your house is always on your mind, it’s time to do something about it. Do you find yourself bringing it up a lot in conversation? Does it feel like you just can’t help yourself from wishing out loud that this or that were different?

Then you should stop and think about what’s standing in your way—and get it taken care of.

You’re regularly frustrated by the way things are.

Is there an awkward doorway, a lack of natural light, or kitchen counters you just hate to look at? If there’s something in your home that’s a source of regular (even daily) frustration, then do yourself a favor and look into remodeling.

You’ve got a long list of ideas.

It might be in your head or piled in a Pinterest board (or six), but no matter where you keep it, the list of things you’d like to do in your home is reaching extremes. It should be obvious that beautifying your home is important to you and something you like thinking about.

But thinking isn’t going to change anything, and as much fun as an idea board is, it’s nothing next to actually getting things done. So pick your project and get started.

You’ve got the cash…or the credit.

Maybe it’s a work bonus or a tax return, but you find yourself with the funds for your dream project. Or you’ve got good enough credit for a low interest rate that makes financing a remodel affordable.

Investing in your home is one of the best investments you can make, and not just financially. Turning your home into a place you absolutely love is an investment in your happiness, too.

Your utility bills are getting higher and higher.

Improving energy efficiency is a fantastic (and responsible) reason to remodel. The amount you’ll save over time on utilities can even earn back the cost of the remodel. You could even qualify for tax breaks for your energy upgrades.

Your family is changing.

Whether you’re growing your family or about to be empty nesters, changes in your family size and situation mean changes in what you need and want your home to be.

You just need more space.

If the problem is space, a remodel still might be better than moving. You can add a room, finish a basement, open doorways, and even take out walls to give you a more open layout. Instead of going straight to the real estate ads, start shopping your own home for possibilities.


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