7 Customizations for Your New Home


You’ve chosen a floor plan and found the perfect location, now all that’s left is to build your dream house. For added convenience, or a personal touch, talk to your contractor about installing these custom features into your new home.

  1. Extra OutletsYou can never have too many outlets, especially in rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Talk to your builder about installing recessed outlets in the entertainment room, living room, and study so that electronics can be plugged in behind furniture that is against the wall.Consider installing extra power outlets inside drawers, on the sides of cabinets, or on slide-away power strips. These alternative placements free up wall-space and keep outlets out of the little ones’ reach.
  2. More StorageAs you are building, think about allowing for creative storage spaces. You can put drawers in stairs, between wall studs, and under beds. If you’ve got an empty stair landing or a kitchen nook, think about adding a window seat. Window seats can be charming hideaways for reading and games of pretend, and the hollow seat offers even more storage options. These storage spots are great for items that are too temperature-sensitive to be stored in the basement or garage.
  3. Slide-Away StepsFor families with little ones, it seems as though almost no task can be completed without retrieving a step-stool. Consider installing slide-away steps in front of the bathroom and kitchen sinks so your youngest can help wash veggies for dinner and brush their own teeth, without you having to grab the step-stool.
  4. Hallway UpgradesAdd functionality to hallways and nooks by installing permanent shelving. These shelves can serve as little league trophy cases, or extensions of the family book shelf. Then install low-wattage lighting along the baseboards, or under the edge of hallway shelving. This is a great option for providing your kids with an efficient, low-cost nightlight.
  5. Heated FloorsRadiant heating is a great heating option, especially if you have a family member that suffers from a respiratory condition. Unlike forced air heating, radiant heating doesn’t spread airborne allergens like dust and pollen. Heated floors are also a great way to make your home as comfortable as possible during the winter months—no bunny slippers required.
  6. Labor SaversFrom pot filler faucets (a tall faucet installed above the stove-top for filling your biggest pots), to garbage and laundry chutes, there are plenty of labor savers you may want to install in your new home.Think about the layout of the house and your family’s specific needs to decide which accessories are right for your home. For example, if your panty is adjacent to the garage, consider adding a door between the two to make unloading groceries easier.
  7. Custom TilingGlass, porcelain, or ceramic tiles are a great way to personalize a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. Because tiling comes in so many materials and is installed as individual pieces, your design possibilities are nearly endless. Add some flair to your home with a geometric or asymmetrical design, or custom-made tiles.

Talk you your home builder about your options for customizing the home of your dreams.

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