5 Stylish Fall Decor Trends for Your Home

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Despite many of us still trying to stay cool in this summer heat, those darker, colder fall evenings are fast approaching. So what better time than now to start getting your home prepared. While some styles will be hanging around, here are a few of the trends for this fall that will help give your home that warm, cozy look.

Dark Green

Now, we know green can be a difficult color to work with. But this season’s dark green will add opulence and class to any room. Choose from various shades of hunter green, British racing green, moss green or forest green.

You don’t have to go all out with dark green walls, but by all means, if you can work it, go ahead. You can simply bring a little touch of green to your room with your accessories. Some green cushions on a brown leather couch would look superb, especially with a soft forest green blanket or throw draped over the side.

If you choose a dark green couch, you can still keep it soft by adding some pastel colored or floral patterned cushions. Afterall, it’s dark green – it will go wonderfully with other natural colors.

Mismatched Furniture

Gone are the days when people want a matching three piece suite in their living rooms. This fall, it’s all about choosing your furniture so that it adds character to your room. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your personality inspire your decor.

Obviously you’ll need a comfy couch. But team it with a cute armchair, maybe in a different fabric or a stylish ottoman. The differing fabrics and styles will add depth to your room and make it that much more inviting.


For this season, brass is in. A stylish touch of brass will add instant chic to your home and will give it that contemporary feel that will move your decor into 2018. That’s right, brass will still be on trend next year.

Brass accents look particularly glamorous in kitchens and bathrooms, especially when used on faucets and door handles.


For so many seasons, plain bedding has been all the rage. But this fall sees more of a patterned approach. Patterned bedding is a fantastic way of adding some color to your bedroom. Plus, it lets you add a touch of personality to your favorite room in the house.

Quilted bedding will also be making a comeback, bringing a more cozy, homestyle feel to the modern bedroom. Choose a combination of blush pink colors to create a relaxing mood in one of this fall’s most stylish colors.


One of this season’s hottest trends is velvet fabric, and not just on the runways. Find it on cushions, curtains and couches. With velvet accessories you will be adding a luxurious touch of glamor to your home.

The velvet trend will actually go hand in hand with the dark green trend. A dark green velvet couch will make a beautiful statement piece in your home, as well as being soft and comfortable. It will add warmth and character to your room and can be easily dressed with cushions and throws.

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