4 Questions to Ask the Agent Selling Your Home

Whether you are selling your family home to pursue life’s next adventure, downsizing to simplify your life, or upgrading to accommodate a growing family, your real estate agent can either be your best advocate or just another thing to worry about.

So before signing off on an agent’s services, ask them these four critical questions.

1. Do You Work As A Real Estate Agent Full-time?

The decision to sell or buy a home will likely be one of the largest financial transactions you encounter in your life. As such, it is critical that your agent is as dedicated to its success as you are.

While agents come in all varieties (from professional to hobbyist) and skill levels, your top priority should be finding one that works for you and can dedicate the time necessary to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Agents who are in the business full-time are more likely to have the experience, time, and resources necessary to make your listing known to potential buyers, help you find that perfect price, and close the deal with as few complications as possible.

2. How Will We Communicate, And How Frequently Can I Expect Updates?

Depending on the real estate market, selling your property can take anywhere from several months to a few days. It is important to understand how you and your partner in real estate will communicate throughout the process.

Do you expect frequent reports on how many views your property has generated online? Or do you prefer to be notified only when the agent finds promising leads? Take your own business style and timeframes into consideration when deciding on mutually established modes of communication. Doing so can save time and frustration in every stage of the complicated process.

If the agent does not effectively communicate their commitment to communication, it may be an indicator to move on to the next candidate.

3. How Will You Advertise My Property?

With modern communication technologies, advertisement methods are nearly as numerous as the products they sell. The price you end up receiving for for your home directly correlates to the number of buyers interested.

Many agencies boast wide circulation through local print publications, but if they rely exclusively on print media, you may be the one paying the price. Look for agents who can clearly identify their methods and ensure that they are diverse and balanced.

Remember, there is no single way buyers search for homes.

4. How Long Must I Have My Property Listed With You?

As confident as you may be with your ability to judge the caliber of your agent in the first few days or weeks of listing your home, there are numerous factors that may necessitate a change. You may not be satisfied with the attention your property is being given, the way in which it is being advertised, or there may be unexpected complications that develop weeks or months into a listing.

Make sure you understand their expectations before signing for their services.

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