14 Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins This Fall

When it comes to fall décor, there’s nothing as iconic or versatile as pumpkins. With real pumpkins, craft pumpkins, even pumpkin buckets—there are at least a thousand ways to decorate with everybody’s favorite squash. Here are 15 of our very favorites, from elegant to classic to unique and kid-friendly.

  1. On Stands. Place small pumpkins on top of sturdy candlesticks or upturned stemware. For a larger pumpkin, use a cake stand to create an instant centerpiece.
  2. Tea Light Holders. Cut off the stems and hollow out just enough space to fit a tea light in the top. Mix and match with other small gourds for a variety of colors and textures. Or cut a narrower, deeper hole to support a tall candle.
  3. Paint, Paint, Paint. From white to turquoise to pink (if that’s your scheme), there’s no reason not to have exactly the color you want your pumpkin to be.
  4. Patterns Galore. Solid colors are classic, but don’t limit yourself. Stripes, chevrons, polka dots, or spider webs are simple patterns that give a lot of pop. And don’t forget stenciling. You’ll find plenty of patterns online and in craft stores that you can use.
  5. Thumbtacks. For a creative look from simple, reusable supplies, try decorating your pumpkins with thumbtacks. They make a great choice for monograms or along the natural grooves in the pumpkin.
  6. House Numbers. Don’t have your house number on the house itself? Paint it onto a pumpkin to sit on your porch for the season.
  7. Fake Pumpkin, Real Shine. For a truly upscale look, paint a set of faux pumpkins in gold, silver, and copper leaf.
  8. Lantern Vignette. Fill a decorative lantern with seasonal items (real or fake) like small pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, and gourds.
  9. Decoupage. With this classic crafting technique, you can add anything from gorgeous fall foliage to vintage black and white artwork to your pumpkins. All you need is the right supplies.
  10. Batty. Paint a pumpkin black, then add large googly eyes and felt bat wings. It’s a simple project kids can do, too. Or cut small bat silhouettes from craft paper and attach them with glue for a simple, sophisticated look.
  11. Up the Stairs. With a pumpkin on each step, your staircase will be festive in no time. Leave real pumpkins undecorated for a natural look, or paint a word or letter on each to create a cozy message for family and guests to enjoy.
  12. In the Round. Miniature craft pumpkins are perfect for creating a simple wreath. Fill in the spaces with fall leaves or acorns.
  13. Fairy Houses. If you’re really feeling creative and want to wow all your guests and trick-or-treaters this season, try HGTV’s “fairy garden” made out of pumpkins and other natural items combined with basic craft supplies.
  14. Greenery. If fall is just the season you have to get through before Christmas, try white pumpkins wrapped in greenery. It’s fall and winter all at once, and neutral enough to complement any room.


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