10 Unique Backsplash Ideas You’ll Love

Thinking of putting a backsplash in your kitchen? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Subway Tile

It’s so clean and simple that it’s both classic and trendy. But by changing the color or arranging the tiles in unexpected ways, you can get a look that’s more complex and interesting, too. After all, a backsplash doesn’t have to mean straight horizontal rows.

Tile To The Limit

Many homeowners choose to have a backsplash that only extends a few inches above the countertops. But why stop there? A backsplash can go all the way to the cupboards for a look that’s dramatic and consistent.

Change It Up

Instead of using tiles that are uniform in shape and size, think what you could create by alternating rows of large and small, white and colorful tiles. Consider an inset of glass tiles to mimic a window, or a simple row of vertical tiles to create a focal point amidst horizontal rows.

Tiles Unsquared

There’s also nothing that says your backsplash needs to be made up of squares and rectangles. From stylish lantern shapes to simple triangles or even ovals, there’s more out there—and the unexpected might be just perfect for your kitchen.

A Different Direction

Backsplashes are all about pattern, but if there’s a spot you’d like to highlight, use it to change the pattern of your tile. Create a square of vertical tiles within your horizontal backdrop. By switching the pattern in key places, you’ll get variety and beauty without having to change anything else.

Contrasting Grout

If you’re choosing rich-colored tiles, use light grout between to add definition and contrast. If you’re using white, light, or uniform-colored tiles, consider dark grout that will lend a modern feel while helping to mask normal wear.

A Simple Shine

There are plenty of different tile materials to choose from, too, so don’t limit yourself to ceramic. For a real eye-grabbing shine, consider metal tiles in chrome or bronze. Metals are perfect for giving contrast to wooden cabinets while complementing appliances and cookware.

Handcrafted Detail

If you’ve got enough skill and patience, you can even paint your own tiles for a truly custom backsplash. If you choose the DIY route, the only limits are your own taste and imagination.

A Work of Art

For a truly unforgettable backsplash, make your own work of art by combining painted tiles into a larger image. But keep it simple so it doesn’t overwhelm the design of the rest of the kitchen.

Out of the Kitchen

Most people associate backsplashes with the kitchen, but tiles can give a wow factor to other areas, too. A bathroom backsplash can echo or contrast tiling on the floor or give real style to a humdrum vanity. An outdoor backsplash livens up a patio, not to mention doing for a grill area what a traditional backsplash does for an oven range.

So go and see what possibilities are out there, and don’t settle until you find the one that’s perfect for your home.

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