Tips For Taking Stunning Photos Of Your Home

Having great photos that show off your home is one big way to get prospective buyers in the door. The more professional your photos look, the better buyers will feel about your home. So if you can have a professional take the photos, do. If you’re taking the photos yourself, follow these tips.

First, Get The House Ready.

Remember, you want every room ready for a close-up.


Both general and in-depth cleaning are important. Pay attention to the details you might not have noticed, like tile grout that hasn’t been scrubbed in a long time. Spots you’ve been neglecting need to be taken care of to really show your home in its best light.

Get rid of clutter. What you don’t want to take to your new home needs to go away, and doing it before you even start showing makes your home look cleaner and will save you time when you pack later on.


Get advice on possibly rearranging furniture, and take care of any needed repairs that would be visible to a prospective buyer. If you need to paint, do it before you take photos. And take some time to consider and reconsider your décor.

Take the Best Possible Photo

A Good Camera

Some phones have good cameras, some don’t. If possible, use a digital camera instead.

Natural Lighting

Open the curtains to let in as much light as possible. Natural light will make a space look more welcoming than electric light. Choose the best time of day that will bring in the most light based on the direction your windows face.

The Best Angle

One of the biggest things is not to stand right in front of the window. It’s the light source for your shot, but it shouldn’t be the center of attention. If it’s in the middle of the photo, it will dominate and wash out everything else in the room.

The doorway may be the best place to stand, but since doors are usually off to the side, you may want to stand somewhere that gives a more symmetrical view of the room.

The Best Features

Focus on your home’s best features. Include images of your favorite details, especially any unique and attractive architectural features like bay windows or a striking mantel.

Don’t forget the outside. Make sure you can see as much of the house as possible. You may need to go across the street to get the best view of both the house and the landscaping.

In Focus

Make absolutely sure they’re in focus. Blurry images look sloppy and don’t give buyers a good idea of how a space looks or feels. Keep the camera as still as possible. If you have a tripod, use it—or find something you can rest the camera on to keep it steady.


Take Lots of Photos

Having more photos gives you a better chance of getting usable ones. Your realtor can help you choose the best images and let you know if you need any retakes.

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