Quick and Easy Tips to Sell Your Home More Quickly

Everyone wants to sell their home as quickly as possible, so here are some simple and cheap ways to help you sell your home.

Take Good Pictures—Lots of Them

This might seem obvious, but apparently it’s not. Buyers usually look for houses online before they actually physically go to see a house, so good pictures can make a huge difference. When you take pictures, make sure you follow these rules:

  • Clean up
  • Take clear, not blurry, pictures
  • Take pictures of the house, not your stuff
  • Label each picture

Again, these tips might seem like common sense, but a lot of people don’t follow them. The best part about these strategies is that they’re easy and don’t cost any money. You don’t need a high quality camera to take good pictures, though you might want something a little better than the camera on your phone.

A house that looks clean and not cluttered makes it easier for potential homebuyers to visualize themselves in your space. Labeling the pictures is also a big help, since it can often be difficult to figure out which room is which in a picture.

Take a Video

As helpful as pictures are, a video can also be extremely helpful for homebuyers. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just a simple walkthrough of your house. That way people can get a feel for the layout and size of your house. It’s a good idea to start at the curb, so that people can see the house on the outside and the inside.

Provide a Floor Plan

Even with labeled pictures and a video, layouts are still difficult to visualize. Providing a floor plan helps people to see what the layout of the house is like, and if the sizes will fit their needs. If you don’t have a floor plan, you can contact the builder of the house to see if they have one, or you can ask your realtor. If all else fails, grab a tape measure and make your own floor plan. You can easily create a floor plan with some graph paper and then transfer the measurements onto a program like Excel.

Touch Up Paint or Repaint

If you’ve been living in your home for awhile, you might need to touch up the paint on your walls, especially in areas with holes or scuffs. If your walls are in really bad condition, or if each room in your house is painted a different bright color, you should consider just repainting the whole house. Depending on the size of your house, it shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars, and you’d be surprised at the results. Make sure you choose a neutral color, one that makes it easy for people to visualize themselves in the space.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, which means that the way your house looks from the outside when people pull up is extremely important. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on curb appeal, but check with your realtor before you invest a lot of money to find out what would be worth spending. Easy cheaper fixes include planting some bright flowers, making sure the lawn is mowed, trimmed, and green, and touching up the paint on your shutters.

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