How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

When it comes to hospitality, details make all the difference. To make sure having visitors is a pleasure and not a strain, here are some useful tips for creating a welcoming space long before guests arrive—and adding just the right touches at the last minute.

When Decorating

Choose relaxing colors.

If your guest room is a truly relaxing retreat, it will give everyone the space they need to relax and recharge. Calm colors like greens and blues can have just the right effect. I you don’t want them as a main color scheme, they make delightful accents against a more neutral palette.

Keep it simple.

Empty isn’t cozy, but neither is cluttered. Strike the right balance with simple wall décor that’s interesting—without being distracting.

Trim the windows.

The right window trimmings can cozy up a room in no time. If your guest room has windows on the east side of the house, consider thicker curtains, especially for those mornings when the sun gets up earlier than guests (or you) might like. If you expect guests from far-off time zones, consider black-out curtains—your visitors might appreciate the help while they adjust.

Add a lamp.

Overhead lighting can be the opposite of cozy. A bedside lamp is perfect for reading, pillowtalk, or just a little extra charm.

Before the Doorbell Rings, Add:

Fresh flowers.

A simple arrangement of fresh flowers adds beauty, life and color to any space. It’s a small thing that lets your guests know you were thinking of them.

Drinks and snacks.

This is especially nice if your guests arrive later in the evening or between meals. It offers your guests convenience, privacy, and a little extra comfort when settling in. Provide a pitcher of cold water with lemon for summer, or hot water for tea or cocoa in winter. Add chocolates and a crunchy snack to make your guests that much happier.

Towels and soap.

Your guests will appreciate having everything they need already in the room. Place freshly laundered towels and a basket of soap, shampoo, and lotion in an easy-to-find spot so your guests don’t have to hunt.

Reading materials.

Have a few recent magazines and a few books for guests’ reading pleasure. A floating shelf stacked with classic and popular reads makes for especially useful decor.


Make sure there are plenty of empty hangers in the closet so guests can unpack and feel at home—without worrying about their things getting wrinkled.

Toys and games for kids.

If there will be kids staying in the room, add an assortment of toys, games, and kids’ books to help keep them busy and happy. You might even consider some extra blankets and pillows for all their fort-building needs.

With these tips on hand, your guest room can be ready and welcoming at a moment’s notice, and you’re sure to be remembered as a wonderful host. These simple tips will also keep the stress out of knowing you have family or friends visiting for the weekend or the holidays.

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