Furnishing and Decorating for a Timeless Interior

Redecorating a home can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. After all, it can take you several weekends of furniture shopping to find even the right couch to place in your living room. When it comes to updating the look of your entire home, the process may seem to continue for months, and can easily end up costing you a small fortune. There are clear benefits associated with choosing a timeless interior that will provide you with a beautiful interior for decades to come. You can accomplish the desired aesthetic results you want to enjoy throughout your home with a few simple decorative tips.

Choose Classic Colors

If you want your home to look fabulous in five or ten years, it is important to choose timeless colors and resist following the latest trends. For example, olive green refrigerators were trendy in the 1970s, and today’s appliance trend is stainless steel—with classic, timeless appliances your home won’t seem dated after a few years. Brown and black leather sofas and armchairs are a great example of classical pieces, as these continue to look fabulous across the decades. It is best to use trendy accents pieces while sticking with classic colors for your main pieces. After all, it is much easy to replace throw pillows and lamps than to replace entire furniture sets.

Select Timeless Materials

When you select your pieces, pay attention to the quality of the furnishings, as well as their material. After all, you want your furniture to be in great shape and to look great years from now. While pieces with a modern edge, such as chrome, glass and steel may have a look you love, pieces like Shaker-style end tables or provincial-style bedroom furnishings may continue to look stylish years from now. The same holds true for materials. Leather or monochromatic fabrics may have longer-lasting appeal than patterns, prints and stripes.

Avoid Modern Furnishings

Anything with a modern flair likely will lose its appeal within a few years, and this is because what is modern today will be outdated fairly soon. However, some styles continue to look great over time. For example, a beach-style home, a country chic home, a casual country look and other options may have longer-lasting appeal. Look for classic, traditional styles that appeal to you personally.

While you may want to update the look of your home, modern trends are not the only option. If your goal is to create a beautiful, quality home with long-lasting style, consider these tips when you start decorating. Timeless décor will yield great results that you love today and that will continue to look fabulous in your home many years from now.

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