Five Versatile Home Accents and How to Use Them

Homeowners should not be afraid to get creative when integrating decorative accents into their living space. By choosing a few highly versatile decorative pieces, homeowners can add a bit of flair to any room, with any design scheme.


Reproduction art prints of world-famous paintings are available at relatively affordable prices. A living room can be enhanced with the works of masters from Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionist eras. It’s a good idea to frame reproductions with covers made from acrylic, to prevent damage and wear to the artwork. Reproduction oil-on-canvas paintings are more expensive, but they add an authentic touch to a room.


Homes that have oriental interior design themes can have ceramic vases incorporated in their design scheme. Bronze vases are more appropriate for settings that are inspired by Hellenic Greece, Medieval Europe, and subsequent pre-Industrial eras. Such vases usually have intricate scroll work and engravings that represent Old World craftsmanship. Transparent glass vases are ideal for modern settings and provide a place for more accents, like marbles and cut flowers.

High Tech Gadgets

Digital devices can be nicely integrated into any contemporary interior design. For example, ultra-sleek routers and vertical DVR towers make great additions to modern tables that have transparent glass tops and stainless steel or brushed chrome legs. The strategic placement of digital photo frames and even tablets can significantly enhance a contemporary setting that’s dominated by sharp geometry and contrasting colors such as black and white. Lamps with flexible arms add a futuristic element to modern settings. Simple accessories, like charging pads and portable hard drives, can be viewed as decorative items in a high tech environment.

Rugs & Tapestries

Oriental style area rugs can be placed in living rooms and entrance halls to add a touch of classical, exotic style to any home. Handmade Persian rugs are used to express luxury and elegance, enhancing a beautiful home design with a touch of exotic intrigue. Tapestries can be hung onto walls to enhance a particular interior design concept. For example, tapestries with medieval themes are perfect for a living room that boasts Victorian Era furniture.

Vintage Accents

A great way to revive certain periods of world history and culture is to hang up authentic vintage style memorabilia and other artifacts. For example, a classic metal sign with classic logos and graphics brings back the charm of the golden advertising era in the United States. Empty bottles or food cans from the early 20th century can be considered decorative pieces in a home that has a vintage theme. Newer homes can be given a touch of old-fashioned whimsy through the use of vintage accents incorporated into an otherwise contemporary design.

Whether you’ve planned your home design and interior decorations down to the last lampshade or you’re a new homeowner looking for design ideas, these accents can be worked into any decorative scheme.

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