DIY Lighting Solutions For Every Room In Your Home

We all know that if a room doesn’t get enough light, it’s not just the indoor plants that suffer. Humans need plenty of light too. Having a well-lit space can be a mood-changer for you and a game-changer for how attractive your room looks. But you don’t have to remodel, spend a lot of money, or do intense work to brighten things up. Check out these DIY ways to bring light to the whole house.


For under cabinets, it doesn’t get easier or more budget-friendly than stick-on lights. For the space above your cabinets, LED rope lighting is easy to install, easy to hide, and brightens the place right up.

Dining room

Switch out your old, over-the-table hanging light fixture with something a little more modern. A row of smaller pendant lights hanging at different levels turns your dining lighting into a point of interest. And there’s no shortage of unique pendant light fixtures you can make with household items.

Guest room

Remember that a single overhead light can feel cold and uninviting. Simply add a bedside lamp (or two), and you’ve instantly created a more cozy atmosphere for guests.


If your master bedroom lighting isn’t feeling right, try combining lighting and mirrors. A mirror set behind a lamp will help disseminate the light through the room and give the space a brighter, more open feel.


For the vanity where you spend time getting ready for the day, light is important. If your bathroom is stuck in the old tradition of lighting only from above the mirror, consider adding sconces on either side to give you more light and modernize the look.


To make even the lighting fun in a kid’s room, check out this playful origami twist on a regular string of holiday lights. Your kids will love making the origami boxes to cover the individual lights, and they’ll love seeing the finished product hanging in their very own space.

Living Room

If your living room is feeling a bit tired, you can make a big difference by adding variety to your light sources. Having multiple, contrasting fixtures, like flanking a couch with lamps of different heights and styles, adds both light and interest to the room.


Recessed lighting is a great solution for many different spaces, but there may not be anywhere it can do more good than in the space between rooms. You can actually install recessed lights yourself without tearing apart the whole ceiling.


Basements are notoriously dark and lacking in natural light. Did you know you can make your own fake window that can light a room just like the real thing? There are a few different options, like mounting daylight bulbs in a wall recess and covering with a window treatment or constructing your own lighted window to hang on the wall.

Whether you’re in a new home that needs some lighting TLC or you’re just ready for a new look, these solutions will definitely get you looking in the right direction.

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