Creative Ways To Display Your Family Photos

If you’re tired of the same old routine of just finding a frame and sticking it on the wall, or if you’ve got scads of family photos tucked away in boxes, then it’s time for a change. Check out these fantastic and unusual ways to put your favorite photos on display.

Unexpected Arrangements

Because it’s not just what you’re hanging, it’s how you hang it:

  • A Gallery Wall. Turn a wall, a hallway, or a staircase into your own personal art gallery. Mix framed photos or canvas prints with other objects and even other artwork to fill the space and add interest. Use a variety of frames in different shapes, sizes, styles, and even colors for an eclectic look that keeps the eye moving.
  • Instagram Style. Square-cropped photos are perfect for the lover of geometry, symmetry, and straight lines. Hang square prints in neat rows, or create a large collage print of smaller images.
  • In a Shape. For a real eye-catching display, arrange pictures in a recognizable shape. Try a heart, a cloud, a square, a tree (great for vintage or multi-generational displays), or even a clock.

Unusual Frames

Give your favorites some of these out-of-the-ordinary frames:

  • Antiques. Antique pieces like an antique washboard or an old window easily add interest and a rustic look to your images.
  • Chalkboard. Attach photos to a chalkboard or chalkboard wall where you (and your kids) can draw your own unique frames.
  • (Much) Bigger Frames. Oversized frames around canvas or woodblock prints are a great way to add interest and use space. Or frame smaller photos in big mats to gives them a professional gallery or art-show feel.
  • Frames Within Frames. For another fun look, surround a framed photo with a larger contrasting frame, leaving some space between.

Frame Alternatives

If you’re tired of frames, there are plenty of other fun ways to show off your photos:

  • Clothespins. Use clothespins to clip photo prints onto string or chicken wire, then hang the strings on their own or behind a fun frame. Or do it without a frame. Try a wreath for seasonal or holiday décor, or clip your pictures onto anything with wires or straight lines, like a vintage birdcage. The clothespin method also makes it easy to switch photos out whenever you like.
  • Clipboards. Hanging photos on a row or two of uniform clipboards is another frame-free option that lets you rotate your pictures as often as you want.
  • String. Tie photo prints to strings of different length and you can hang them from almost anything. Try a curvy tree branch, or create a mobile.
  • Cork board. If the classic collage-style bulletin board is your thing, go crazy. For a neater look, pin photos on in neat rows. And to give it a modern spin, use black and white or monochromatic photos.
  • Photo Objects. Picture a row of black-and-white photo mugs lining a shelf or hanging from wooden pegs. Or make your own photo coasters. Or slip photos into old jars or bottles for a unique twist.

Now that you’ve got some great ideas, collect your favorite photo prints and start creating your new family photo wall!

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