Creating an entry with personality


The entrance to your home is the first thing people see when they visit, it should reflect your personality but also be welcoming and functional. Function is essential because the entryway is often the most trafficked area in your home, so organization and cleanliness is essential. However, creating a space that is beautiful, welcoming, durable and functional is often a challenge. Some things to consider when you decorate your entry:

Your Entry’s attitude

If your home doesn’t have a defined entry space where, for example, the front door opens up into the living room or to an office space, it can be difficult to create the illusion of an entryway. Utilize furniture and fixtures to create that illusion. A console table for storage and a mirror to check your appearance when you walk out the door is a good start. There is a great example of this from “It’s Overflowing”

Stop dirt in its tracks

For centuries the human race has been working to find a way to keep the outdoors from coming inside. Nobody wants a muddy or dirty floor. A runner in the entry helps define the space and add personality but it is also functional. The right rug for your entry will keep the mud out of your home and your guest’s shoes dry so they don’t slip on your brand new wood flooring.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Often when we walk through the front door we just want to drop our stuff and relax. Walking all the way across the room to put away our shoes, bags and keys can seem like a hassle so we just drop everything right inside the door. Pretty soon there will be a pile of shoes and coats right inside the door and your keys will be lost inside one of your many bags.

For larger entryways you can add a table or bookshelf with space underneath for shoes and shelves or drawers for keys and bags. For smaller entryways you can add hooks for bags and keys and a small bench or decorative box for shoes. Don’t forget to add a little personality. Hang family pictures or a favorite art piece that shows your family’s personality and greets you home with a friendly smile as you walk through the door.

Don’t forget about the outside

Your porch or front step is an important part of the entryway because it’s the first thing that tells guests about your family. You can show your fun side by throwing down a welcome mat with a funny saying or stay classic with “Welcome” scrolled on the mat. Your door can say a lot about you from the color to the shape. How many windows you have can tell the world how open or private you are. They can also say “No Soliciting” or “Attack Cat” to let strangers know what’s up.


A well lit entryway can bring warmth into your home before you actually enter. It welcomes guest and is functional. After all you don’t want them to trip up your stairs or hit their heads on low hanging porch decor. It also functions as a crime deterrent, telling would be criminals that you and all your neighbors are watching.


As we talked about before, shoes will often pile up right inside the door, and taking off your shoes as you walk in with arms full of groceries, purses, or backpacks can be treacherous. Adding a bench inside your front door to sit on while removing your shoes can be a relaxing experience. It also doubles as a storage place for shoes and other entryway items.

Consider your pets

If you have pets you know how difficult it can be to answer the door when your dogs get excited about visitors. You don’t want your guests to be overwhelmed with your cuddly kitty or energetic puppy as soon as they walk in. You may consider adding a door or gate on your entry way to keep overzealous puppies at bay while you welcome your guests.

On the other hand you might want to make your entryway more welcoming for your four-legged friends. Adding a pedestal under a window near your door will allow your pets to see outside so they can keep an eye on those crafty squirrels or alert you to strangers approaching. A hook dedicated to leashes and collars like this one will keep your entry organized and excite your pups every time you reach for it.
Creating a welcoming entryway is not just a matter of decorating or adding extra storage space. It is also a mental break from the world outside your door.

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