A New Deck That Won’t Break the Bank

Summertime brings with it time spent with friends, family, and, most importantly, warm weather. One of the most popular things to do during these sunny weekends and holidays is to throw a large barbecue at your house and relax outside. Nothing makes doing this easier than having a well kept, beautiful deck.

Improving your current deck may be easier and cheaper than you imagine. By implementing certain tips and strategies, you can turn an average deck into the hangout spot of the year.

New Deck Stain

A worn down, old deck is not only unpleasing to look at, but it can be uncomfortable to walk on as well. Adding a new deck stain brings a new attractiveness to your outdoor living space, and at the same time protects it, increasing its lifespan. A weatherproofing deck stain, something you could easily find at your local hardware store, can cost as little as $29.98 a gallon. These stains are simple to apply and will maintain a lasting beauty for your deck.

Bugs be Gone

There is nothing more annoying in the summer than those pesky insects flying around and biting you. They can make outdoor events uncomfortable, even unbearable, depending on the number of them. However this annoyance can be overcome quite easily. By installing an outdoor bug zapper (starting at $29.97) or stationary insect repellents (starting at $7.48) you can keep these insects away. Who wouldn’t want an insect free, bite free, and itch free summer?

Let There be Light

There is no reason to limit yourself to only using your deck during the daytime. The best outdoor spaces are the ones where the gathering can last late into the evening. One of the easiest ways to provide light for your deck is through solar powered lights. These are cost effective, safe for the outdoors, and good for the environment. By placing some of these in tiki torch stands around the perimeter of the deck, you can provide stylish, effective lighting for your space.

Another great idea for lighting your deck is placing tubed white lights around the base of the deck. This strategy can effectively provide perimeter lighting that will illuminate your space, while not annoying the neighbors. Additionally, if your deck is close to the ground, boundary lighting can ensure that no guests accidentally fall off the edge when it gets dark.

Stay Dry

Accidentally sitting down on wet patio furniture can ruin the fun, and your clothes, but why let this happen? A simple way to avoid this unfortunate circumstance is by spraying all of your furniture with a fabric waterproofer. This is an easy way to make sure that water or spilled drinks roll right off of furniture, and nobody gets a wet seat.

Waterproofing will also help lengthen the lifespan of your outdoor furniture in the process. A can of spray furniture weatherproofer starts at only $11.99, an inexpensive way to improve the quality of your deck.

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