A Lovely Summer Getaway In Your Own Home

Summer can be a magical season of outdoor exploration and relaxation, but it can also be hot, sticky, and exhausting. Maybe it’s just too hot to go outside, especially if you live in a desert climate. Maybe you prefer your getaways without sunburns, or maybe you just want to relax without having to pack up and go. Or maybe your budget doesn’t have room for a far-off vacation.

Whatever your reasons for staying in, here are some great ways to turn any room in your home into a mini getaway. To make the most out of your mini-retreat, make it a place that can speak to all your senses.

Let In Some Light

Your getaway spot should have plenty of natural light. Pick a spot with plenty of it and add décor in bright, natural colors.

Make it reflect what you love. If you’re a beach person, a beach-themed photos or art pieces can whisk you away to your favorite place. If mountains and woods are more your thing, bring greens and flowers into the space, whether it’s a floral pattern on a pillow, pressed greens in a simple frame, or a live plant—or all three.

Get Comfortable

A comfortable place to stretch out is an absolute must. A Klondike chair with your favorite throw pillows might be just the ticket for your summer nook. Or your favorite armchair—you know, the one you wish you could take with you to the beach. A settee or window seat are also great options.

Breathe Deep

Scent is a powerful tool, but fragrance doesn’t have to be overwhelming to do its job. Bring in fresh flowers for a bit of the real thing, or choose candles or oils in summery scents. You can find home fragrance products in everything from tropical fruits to beach breezes to sweet wildflowers.

A touch of the right scent can brighten your space and put you in a summery mood, whether you want a little extra energy (try citrus) or some sweet relaxation (try sandalwood, vanilla, or lilac).

Serenade Your Space

Whether it’s played through a state-of-the-art sound system, your laptop speakers, or a pair of earbuds, your favorite music can set a mood like nothing else. For your summery space, make sure music is just a couple of clicks away. Just like scent, there’s a sound for every mood and taste. Whatever you want your getaway to be, find something to listen to that will take you there.

Refresh Your Tastebuds

Make sure there’s space (and a coaster) for a nice, cold drink and a pitcher for refills. To keep it simple, pretty, and refreshing, add fresh fruit to a clear pitcher and fill it with ice water. Don’t stop at the usual lemon: slices of other citrus fruits like lime and orange, and non-citrus like berries turn even your ice-water into a delicious thing of beauty.
The only thing left is to enjoy the space you’ve created, making summer just as magical as you want it to be.

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