8 Gorgeous Ways To Use Natural Stone In Your Home

Nothing lends beauty to a home quite like natural stone. Used for centuries for its strength and durability, it’s common to see it used in the exterior of a home, but you certainly don’t have to limit it to outside. Stone pieces and decorative rocks are a surefire way to add texture, interest, and natural beauty to almost any space.

As with any design element, there are two main ways to incorporate it: you can go big, or you can go for details.

Go Big

If you want to bring stone to your interior in ways that guests can’t miss, try one of these ways to go big with this classic material:

1. The Fireplace

A stone hearth will always feel classy and traditional. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A short stone step at the base of the fireplace will help anchor it and create depth.

2. The Oven

While most of us don’t use our fireplaces for cooking anymore, you can still get the feel of an old-fashioned country hearth by creating an arched stone border over your range oven. If you really want to go big, opt for an open stone wall around the range instead of cabinets. Built-in shelving and hooks will provide storage in plain sight.

3. An Accent Wall

It’s amazing what an accent wall can do for a space. But instead of painting a different color or adding patterned wallpaper, try building the wall of different material. A stone wall gives real drama to a room, and the neutral gray is an ideal complement for many different design schemes.

Go For Details

If you want stone to be a more subtle presence in your space, there are plenty of small ways to get a stunning effect:

4. Backsplash

Because most kitchen backsplashes are created using geometric tiles, a backsplash made of natural stone with all its texture and irregularities would make a unique statement.

5. Filler

Use smaller stones of any color and texture to fill vases, apothecary jars, or decorative bowls.

6. Vignettes

Create a pretty vignette by arranging rocks alongside other natural objects like decorative branches or fresh flowers.

7. Accents

Medium-sized stones can be art in themselves, if you place them right. And you can always add your own personal touches by painting or stenciling designs on the surface. Natural images like flowers or wildlife, a favorite quote, or the family name would make unforgettable and unique works of stone art.

8. Borders

Add a loose-rock border to a room or entryway by leaving a few inches or more of space between the flooring and the wall. Then fill it in with pebbles or river rocks.

Depending on the overall style of your space, a loose-rock border can give a zen-like natural effect or the feel of a seaside cottage. It’s especially effective beneath a sliding glass door: it reflects the natural scene outside and bridges the divide between outside and in.

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