4 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces with Big Results

Decorating small spaces can be challenging, since it often seems like you can’t do much with them. Too much color or too many items can make a small space seem overwhelmed and crowded. Here are some tips to help you transform a small, cluttered space into a usable and inviting space.

  • Go vertical.

When you have a small space to work with, you should use all of the available space, which often means going up to the ceiling. One way to do this would be to implement floor-to-ceiling shelving. Of course, the other thing to keep in mind is that clutter can make spaces look even smaller, so if you have a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, you would want it to be neat and organized, not packed with tons of items.

Kitchens often have more vertical space that doesn’t get used because it isn’t as convenient. Go through your shelves and move less-used items to the higher locations.

  • Utilize storage space.

Storage space is always important, and it seems like it’s something that we always need more of. In a small space, storage space is doubly important so that you don’t have stuff cluttering up the limited space you have. Storage solutions like storage ottomans can be very helpful, since they double as furniture and storage.

If your small space is a bedroom, try utilizing the space under the bed. You can get storage containers that are specially designed for under-the-bed storage, and you can store items there that you don’t use as often, such as seasonal clothing, freeing up space in the room for other things.

  • Use light colors.

Dark colors tend to make spaces look smaller, whereas light colors make rooms appear more open and therefore bigger. This doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with plain white–you can use shades of yellow, light blues and greens, or any other light color. If you love darker colors, you can use those colors as accents around the room.

Not only should the paint be lighter, you also want any big objects in the room to be light colors so that they don’t overpower the room. For instance, if you did install a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in your room, you could paint it white to make it appear smaller.

  • Add some mirrors or glass.

Mirrors and glass do wonders for adding space that isn’t actually there. If you place big mirrors on opposite walls of a room, it can appear as though the room is much bigger than it actually is. Even smaller mirrors, placed strategically around the room, can help add the illusion of space.

If you need bigger items in your room, using glass when possible can make those objects appear smaller and less obtrusive. For instance, instead of a dark wooden coffee table that appears to take up the whole room, try a glass coffee table. Even if the tables are the same size, the glass one will blend in and make the room seem less crowded.

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