Achieve the Living Room of Your Dreams

One of the most used rooms in the home is the living room. Aside from the areas with functional uses, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, the living room is where most of your time in the house is spent. Due to this, many people wonder how they can spice up this frequently used area to bring some excitement to an often bland area. Here are some easy do it yourself tips that will make your living room the favorite hangout space of your family and friends.

Clean it Up

Nothing makes you feel cramped and uncomfortable like clutter. It makes sense why the living room would be a collection area for all of this miscellaneous stuff. Constantly spending time there means that objects get left behind and tend to build up until things get out of control. When this happens, it can seem like there is nowhere to sit, making the room feel unusable.

Therefore, one of the simplest, and cheapest, ways to upgrade your living room is to simply clean up the junk. Limiting the amount of things kept in the living room will open the space up to relaxing. Having more space makes the room appear clean, welcoming, and open. What more could you ask for in a space designed for lounging?

Let There be Light

The living room is the main space used to entertain family, friends, and guests. Because of this, setting the correct mood with lighting can make a difference about how the event will go. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by installing a light dimming switch. You can find an assortment of light dimmers at your local hardware store where they will also walk you through exactly how to install the switch. Mood lighting will set the right tone for every gathering, whether you’re having a formal dinner or a birthday party.

The Coffee Table

Every living room has a coffee table, and almost all are out of control. With magazines, snacks, and decorations everywhere, this typically functional table can quickly turn into a mess. An easy way to organize this table is by putting a decorative tray in the middle to hold what you need to keep there, while also limiting the amount of items you can keep there.

One of these trays will give you a space to store items like a decorative plant, reading materials, a small bowl of snacks, the remote control, or some coasters A simple tray can open up almost 50% more usable space on your coffee table.

Get a Rug

For those of you with hardwood floors in your house, an easy way to add color to your living room is with a rug. Hardwood floors, although beautiful, are not always the most comfortable. Adding a rug in the center of the room can add color and comfort to your floors.

These tips will help make your living room a great space for your next gathering.

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